Why We Need Continued Leadership To Make Vertical Farming Truly Sustainable

“It’s time to move beyond the hype and develop vertical farming as a truly sustainable industry through collaboration and transparency.” Henry Gordon Smith, Co-Founder of The Association for Vertical Farming There are so many innovations happening in the food production landscape right now. Public attention is starting to shift towards solving problems with food waste, … [Click Here to Continue…]

4 Things Every Investor Should Know About Vertical Farming: Lessons Learned From The AVF Summit

[This was originally published on AgFunder News, July 8th. You can find the OP here] Last week marked a watershed moment for vertical farming with the Association for Vertical Farming’s (AVF) Summit in Amsterdam. The AVF Summit brought together 275+ attendees and 20 speakers and panelists to collaborate on developing vertical farming as a profitable … [Click Here to Continue…]

Thought For Food – How We’ll Feed the Rising Billions in the 21st Century

In case you haven’t noticed, the world of food production is changing….  By 2050 we’ll have to feed 9 billion people. People in Africa, Asia, and South America will soon have unprecedented wealth and access to resources. The planet cannot support that many people living like Americans do now. The food supply chain is heavily subsidized … [Click Here to Continue…]