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  1. Hi
    I would like to invest in hydroponic farming company that was launched by two individuals last year in Goa – India.
    Kindly advise me what I should ask the person with regards to investing in vertical farming.

  2. Hi,
    I really admire what you are doing with regards to vertical farming.
    Im a bachelor student Science, business and Innovation from the Netherlands and have to do a thesis (3/4 months) mainly based on desk research and interviews. I would really like to add some insights to the field of vertical farming.
    I have read a lot about it ober the past weeks but find it very hard to get to a good and comprehensible research question as im new to the field….
    Do you have any suggestions for a small research which can be valuable at the same time?
    The requirement for my thesis is that The research question(‐s) must include both science and business or social sciences elements that are dependent on each other.

    I was thinking do do something with the city Amsterdam but I get a bit stuck there as it is all noch market here at the moment because of the costs. I would prefer to add something to the improvement of the concept with regards to ‘feeding the world’ as the population is growing so fast. and im not I hope you or someone else has some ideas for me. Everything is welcome!
    Thanks a lot.
    Kind regards Laurien

  3. We are seeking investors for a new cutting edge hydrophonics project in Nevada
    Please contact me if you are a accredited investor with a knowledge in this area and would like to be part of this new cutting edge technology

  4. Hi! I recently brought a bottle of wild growth oil but I’ve since notice there is another bottle. It looks the same but the ingredients are different. Is there a real one and fake one?

  5. I used this oil on my scalp. I now have no hair,my scalp is covered in oozing puse filled sores. Thanks to this oil I now look and feel like a monster. I would like to Kno exactly what this company plans to do about this situation. I am emotionally damaged because of this oil and the damage it caused me. I would like to hear back from you ASAP. If this company does not feel that it can do something for concerning this situation,I will have no choice but to seek legal counsel in this matter.

  6. As the world of farming becomes more technical and the opportunities 4 scales of economy arise it seems to me that the small farmers may eventually lose their place. So many of the new ideas that people have come from small operators including small farmers. The cost pressures small farmers face create an environment of creativity and Invention. Do you think that small farmers can enter the vertical farming environment and still remain small.

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