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Hello and Welcome to Wild Growth!

If you’re reading this it means that you’re one of the first to become a part of the movement.

Here’s what you can expect from the site:

  • High quality content on sustainability.
  • Opportunities to become part of a sustainable community.
  • Access to interesting projects, products, and people.
  • The chance to get high-level business tips for scaling a sustainable project.

I promise to never spam you, ask you for more than you signed up for, or sell your information to anyone.

By joining you’re supporting me as I strive to drive change, and that means so much to me. This is the start of something great.

Now it’s your turn. In the comments section, tell me more about yourself, your project, and what you’d like to see on the blog. 



6 thoughts on “Welcome To A Brave New World”

    1. Thanks Rafael,
      You win a gold star for being the first commenter on the site! Just curious, do you have any specific sustainability projects you’d like to see happen?

    1. Wilson, thanks for the comment. I really admire what those guys are doing as well. I’d like to work on a project with the team over at Valhalla. Where are you commenting from? What do you want to do to grow the sustainability movement?

  1. Chris
    I am quite new to the movement and took the opportunity to participate to the last c2c congress in Germany.
    My “Read The World” comment:
    I am concerned about the (slow) speed of circular economy & c2c movement & deployment.
    Despite all the nonprofits, guidelines, directives, targets & visions – there is very little physical evidence (from marketing 7p’s) and btw they admitted this @ the event.
    Do we have already too much choice “out there” or is this my ungrounded assessment.
    How about applying Lean Start Up principles to the movement?

    1. Thomas,
      Thanks for checking out the site! Good thoughts and questions. The reason I started the blog is to help accelerate the progress of the circular economy… I love The Lean Startup, and that is baked in to what I am doing with the blog. In short, I am listening to the market to see where I can be most useful.

      I think you’re right about ‘sustainability’ or ‘the environment’ being abstract and difficult to take action on. The types of projects I will be focusing on promoting will be those that are having a real, concrete, measurable impact.

      I like programs like The Ocean Cleanup, or The White Roof Project. Both have clear, actionable goals, and a numerical impact on the environment that can be measured and scaled up.

      Once the Wild Growth Community gets big enough, we’ll be able to start projects like those two just listed…

      Keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions.

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