The Vertical Farming Summit | Online Event June 16-25th

The future of food is being developed in tech hubs and cities around the world. If you’re not currently in one of those places, going to live events is a great way to learn more about vertical farming and urban agriculture.

If you haven’t been able to make it to any in person AgTech events, I wanted to create this online event for you. Check out The Vertical Farming Summit!

I recently had the honor and the opportunity to interview a lot of innovators who are working hard to build the future of food.

We will be launching June 16-25th with a number of additional sessions and live trainings happening that week.

Here’s what you’ll learn during the summit:

  • A methodology for developing your vertical farming business and planning for success.
  • Lessons on building a mission driven, venture backed startup around fresh food.
  • Creative new forms of distribution for gourmet plants and mushrooms.
  • How to use crop data to unlock higher profits.
  • How to turn waste into opportunity and using organics in hydroponic systems
  • The Power of a Plant: A Teacher’s Odyssey to Grow Healthy Minds and Schools
  • How to turn your positive environmental impact into a competitive advantage in the new economy.
  • How to build your network and land exciting new opportunities in urban agriculture.
  • Farm Marketing — How to boost sales and profits using automation and customer research.
  • The 12 steps to becoming an urban or vertical farmer.
  • Legal considerations when setting up a farm / agtech business.
  • Why sunlight isn’t free and other insights from AeroFarms.
  • Closed loop technology and how to start growing your own food at home.
  • AVA, Urban futurism and the impacts of digitization on agriculture.
  • Insights from successful agricultural businesses.
  • Projects that you should be paying attention to and following.
  • Top resources and recommendations for learning about urban agriculture and vertical farming.
  • How to pitch your vertical farming business to investors.
  • How to start small and scale up intentionally.
  • … and many more sessions to be announced.

This summit will be 100% online, which means you can learn about these exciting topics and connect with the speakers from anywhere you can get a connection.

We’ll be streaming the summit for free from June 16-25th to reach as many people as possible.

If you can’t make all the sessions you can grab an All-Access Pass.

I’m excited to share all of these expert interviews with you and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the summit!

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